Craft Stash Busting Self Challenge – Score 1 for Me


A couple of weeks back, I started a craft stash buster self challenge – which I failed miserably because a couple of days after I decided to use only craft supplies I had on hand, I broke down and bought some supplies that I thought I really “needed” to complete some projects.  So after that breech in my challenge, I buckled down and have successfully lasted almost 3 weeks without going to the craft store.  Score 1 for me!
During this time, I finished a pair of earrings, a bracelet and a necklace.  I am donating them to my son’s school for their fundraiser.  The pictures are a little bit dark because I am a night owl and I finished these around 11:30p last night and had to take a picture before my bead explosion crept back onto the necklace board.

IMG_20160517_222447 IMG_20160517_222439 IMG_20160517_222454 IMG_20160517_222502

Everything I used, I had on hand.  My only hang-up is that I’m still wondering if I should make the necklace 3 strands instead of 2, but it’s pretty busy and getting heavy.
My creative process – total chaos:

IMG_20160512_165639 IMG_20160512_165652 IMG_20160428_131728 (2) IMG_20160426_104340 (1)

Finishing something feels like such a great accomplishment.  Now that I’ve successfully made these pieces, I can use the remaining beads (and I have way too many) to make something for myself, gifts and to sell!  Yay!  

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