My current work surface (one of many in my house).

Craft Stash Busting
Self Challenge Part 1

So in the midst of some rather large projects, I’m making some items for my son’s school fundraiser, and in the spirit of going through my craft stash to make the things, I’ve decided to do a stash buster self challenge.

In my head, I’m super creative.  I have so many ideas and no fear that I can’t do any artsy-craftsy thing I put my mind to, but when it comes to the execution of the projects – like finishing them, I fall apart.  

The challenge would be that I wouldn’t buy any more craft items unless it was something small and absolutely essential for finishing a project for which I already have the supplies.  I came up with this self challenge on Tuesday 4/26/16, it is now Friday 4/29/16 and I’ve already failed.  I knew I might have to buy a small thing here and there to finish the projects and that was totally my goal today when I hit the craft store, but I have a serious problem.

For example, I got these really cool beads a while ago at a Gem Faire that comes through every few months.  I love boho inspired jewelry and thought I would make a set of earrings, necklace and bracelet for the school fundraiser.  Of course I bought enough beads at the time to make myself a set as well and maybe even one or two for gifts or to sell.  

IMG_20160426_104254 IMG_20160426_104319

But after searching through my hoarded stash:

IMG_20160426_104340 IMG_20160426_104313

And there is a lot more, not pictured.  I realized that I didn’t have enough chain to make a necklace.  I know, I know, I’m sure there was something I could use instead, but like a broken record, my psychotic mind kept looping, “I need chain, I need chain.  Can’t finish this project without chain.”  So I went to buy the damn chain.  I had coupons, after all.  Here is what I left the craft store with – and this is like the lightest load I’ve managed in a long time.  See those two small packs of chain on the far left? Yep, that’s what I “needed.” The flowers and shiny beads are for a mobile I want to make for my 7 month old daughter.  And of course I needed a new bag – so I paid $1.59 for a new bag – I only have like 10 of them.  In my defense, they’re all different and I keep different crochet projects in them.


So I texted my husband after this trip to tell him I had a serious problem.  He didn’t even ask.  I told him about my recent debauchery in the craft store, but I came up with a brilliant plan for my craft supplies in the meantime AND when I put my plan into place, I’ll need even MORE supplies.  

Here’s my idea:  

The Hoarder Alarm System™

And not just any old hoarding system.  I would organize all of my craft supplies in a usable fashion starting right inside the two doors leading outside of my house.  That way when someone tries to break in, they’ll be like “what is all this shit?”  And I wouldn’t stop there – I would organize my things all along the walkways – so you have to step in certain places to make it into the house – like the hot lava game you may have played as a kid.  I know – awesome idea, but now you’re wondering what you would do if you’re home when someone tries to get into your house?  But the brilliance of this plan is that all of your craft supplies are organized so each section has its own weapons.  For example – the sewing section has scissors and needles, the crochet section would be similar – small scissors, needles, plus you can use the yarn to tie your intruder up.  If you have spray paint in the house, you can use it like pepper spray, but your burglar will leave with a pretty color on his or her face.  And if all of that fails, you can just start throwing things – think about the damage a well aimed mason jar would do to someone’s head – although you’d have to have pretty good aim, which I don’t.  But by this time, the intruder would be so freaked out both by your house and your amazing use of non-conventional weapons that they’ll just say – forget this crazy bitch and run for their lives.

My current work surface (one of many in my house).
My current work surface (one of many in my house).

This is just to let you know that if you’re like me, you think better surrounded by total chaos and that those nice, neat pictures on Pinterest and on other blogs are all staged.  No super creative genius works in a clean, clinical setting.  Let loose your inner genius and hop aboard the hot mess express!!  Let’s create people or is it let’s create, people?  Anyway, the new Stash Busting Self Challenge starts now.

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Self Challenge Part 1”

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