New ‘do, New Me!

Blonde and Magenta!
Blonde and Magenta!

New do – new you – right?  I feel like I might be a little too old for my new hair do, I just turned 41 and have 2 small children – a four year old and a seven month old, but my husband (my ever faithful cheerleader – in a manly sort of way) told me to just do it, so I did.


Quick side note, I loathe selfies.  I don’t understand why people take so many pictures of themselves, but out of all the pictures my husband took later in the day, this one was definitely the least embarrassing:

IMG_4323 IMG_4325 IMG_4326

Okay, my face on this last one is the worst.  So anyway…..

Yep, blonde and magenta hair.  My friend and hairdresser told me that since it’s a totally new look, I needed to get off my bum and finally start my blog.  The blog, my husband reminds me, I’ve been planning to write for like 5 years now.  For some reason, people think my projects and antics are worth reading about.  I feel like anyone is capable of doing what I’m doing, maybe it’s just that I seem to jump in head first without checking to see if there is water at the bottom of the pool (fictitiously).  I’m always trying new things – whether it be sewing, crocheting, painting, cooking and recently furniture salvaging.  I’m not especially successful in all my endeavors, but man are they fun and exciting.

A little disclaimer about me:  I am bipolar (yes, officially diagnosed years ago), fight a constant battle with depression and anxiety, so when I’m up, I’m up and when I’m down, I’m down.  But when I’m up, man, I get shit done!  Of course, the down part is not pretty, but I’m doing the best that I can.  The reason I’m telling you about this part of myself is that it seems to be something that people feel should stay hidden and in the shadows.  It’s an awful illness and it really is a battle just to get out of bed and get moving.  But I believe that when I have my stuff together, I can do amazing things and whether you battle mental illness or are just a little bit afraid of tackling new, big things, think of me and just dive in!  So, c’mon, hop on this roller coaster with me.  Bonsai!

One thought on “New ‘do, New Me!”

  1. You go girl! I’m excited to hear all about the new you. Although, I love the old you too.

    You are never too old to have awesome hair.

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